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Strong Comeback: Acid Magazine Returns in Grand Style to Douarnenez !

After an eight-year hiatus, surf and alternative culture enthusiasts finally have something to celebrate: the iconic Acid Magazine is back, with an entirely new team, and they made their return in style. During the last stop of their summer tour in Douarnenez, this event was truly unforgettable.

The Much-Awaited Return

Acid Magazine has always been more than just a publication for surf aficionados. It’s a true pillar of surf and alternative culture, a space for creative minds and wave enthusiasts alike. After an eight-year absence, surf and counterculture enthusiasts could rejoice in the revival of this iconic magazine.

The Acid Magazine Party

The Acid Magazine team couldn’t have chosen a better place to mark their return than the picturesque town of Douarnenez. On Saturday, August 26th, from 6:00 PM to midnight, the Acid Magazine Party took place at Handy Pal’s Store.

The event promised an unforgettable evening with a lineup featuring talented DJs: a big thanks to Charlotte Robin, La Bud, and Marine Giraudo. To satisfy their taste buds, attendees were treated to delicious crepes from Chez Fifi Creperie. And to quench their thirst, they enjoyed drinks provided by La Brasserie Douarneniste.

An Unforgettable Evening

The Acid Magazine Party in Douarnenez was much more than just an ordinary night out. It was an opportunity to celebrate the return of an icon in surf culture and to meet the creators of this iconic magazine. It was an evening where surf, music, and alternative culture enthusiasts came together to create unforgettable memories.

There’s no doubt that the event left a lasting impression on the minds and cultural scene of Douarnenez. Acid Magazine is back, and this event will remain etched in the memories of those who participated for a long time to come.