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Relive the Makers Market with Handy Pal’s Store: An Unforgettable Event

The much-anticipated event, the first edition of the Creators Market at Handy Pal’s Store, took place on September 30, 2023, in the store’s parking lot, and it was a memorable day!



A Day Filled with Creativity

This day was full of promise, bringing together stands of talented artists, artisans, and designers along the store’s parking lot. It was an invitation to a Saturday stroll where visitors had the chance to discover hidden treasures among the unique creations.



Supporting Local Artists

At the heart of this event was the opportunity for everyone to support local artists and enjoy a cozy coffee bar offering delicious treats. It was a chance to connect with local creativity and meet the artisans behind these exceptional works.



A Variety of Unique Creations

The stands offered an impressive variety of creations, ranging from sewing to ceramic modeling, surf resin jewelry, illustration, engraving, aromatic and medicinal herbal teas, sculpture, and much more. Stalls dedicated to surf culture and alternative artistic practices also marked this special day.



A Market Unlike Any Other

It wasn’t just a market; it was an opportunity to chat, share, barter, and experience a one-of-a-kind market. Visitors could engage with the creators, discover the stories behind the pieces à art, and take part in a celebration of local creativity and craftsmanship.